Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Purpose of Religion?

Congregation M'vakshe Derekh promotes religion as that aspect of Judaism which is concerned with the humanization of the individual, the group, and mankind. We seek to practice Jewish religion without hypocrisy or pretense. We believe that religion can be interpreted and developed to answer contemporary intellectual demands and spiritual needs.   

What is the Meaning of Torah?

Congregation M'vakshe Derekh encourages the pursuit of Torah as the attempt to make our tradition of ethics, culture and religion meaningful and relevant. Jewish education is a lifelong process in which we should be involved during childhood, adolescence and adulthood. The study of Torah enriches our lives and should enable us to relate creatively to our Jewish heritage.

What Can We Believe About God?

Congregation M'vakshe Derekh inspires faith in God as the quality, power, force and process of the universe which endows life with purpose and enables us to become better human beings. We are constantly discovering Divinity in whatever makes for freedom, justice, peace, love, hope, faith and courage in human life. As Jews, we interpret the idea of God in terms of specifically Jewish as well as universally human experience. 

How Do We Worship?

Congregation M'vakshe Derekh attempts to imbue its services with warmth, beauty and intellectual stimulation. The specially edited prayer books contain readings, poems and prayers in Hebrew and English, which reinterpret Jewish tradition in terms of everyday experience. The services blend study and worship, education and inspiration. They vary from week to week, according to the theme of the day. The congregation participates, and men and women are granted complete equality. Birthdays, anniversaries, baby namings and other simchas are celebrated.

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